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System walls



  • Description

    Dividing walls

    As architects and designers have begun to design products that reflect the nature of people, offices have been transformed into elegant and comfortable workspaces.

    The minimalist and bold Vetrona partition wall system has been specially designed to offer the ultimate in office comfort. Vetrona gives the architectural world a new dynamic and offers the maximum of visual perfection with its transparent frameless design.

    The use of double glazing ensures transparent spaces and the style used for the complete modules and the rail clamping system provide a simple design that is just a little different. These features not only provide sound insulation and stability, but also provide excellent technical performance, with a tolerance for height differences of up to approximately 15 mm.

  • Details
  • Types
    • DM-FLUSH

      This structural glazing system gives a new look to workplaces. With its frameless glass, wooden surfaces and hidden door frames.

      DM-Flush Glass modules can be used together with closed modules to create stylish designs.

      Possibility of blind blinds with a panel width of 16 mm or 25 mm between the double glazing.


    • DM-106 SG (single glass)

      Single Glass module


    • DM-106 DG (double glass)

      Double glass module

    • DM-106 SM (Solid Module)

      solid module

  • Specifications
    Thickness system 87 mm
    Color profile Matt / clear anodized (standard)
    Dimensions module max. 1000 x 3000 mm
    Type of glass 10 mm or 12 mm toughened or laminated glass with rounded edges
    Glass joints Special PVC or aluminum joint profile, double-sided strip
    Door frame One-piece aluminum frame (door leaf and lock can be installed on request)
    Door leaf 40 mm wooden door leaf, finished with HPL or natural wood, or door leaf made of 10 mm tempered glass
    Slot Cylinder lock - stainless steel cover plate
    Door handle Special door handle made of stainless steel or aluminum
    Corners and T-joints Special aluminum or PVC 90 ° and 135 ° corner profiles and profile for T-joints
    Fixed panel 18 mm chipboard with 1 mm PVC side strips finished on both sides with HPL or natural wood
    Floor profile The glass plates are attached to the aluminum bracket on the floor profile
    Ceiling profile Height 50 mm - clearance 65 x 15 mm
  • Project photos
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