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System walls



  • Description

    The Diversa modular partition wall system is a high-tech product available in a range of materials, including laminate, metal, textile, wood and glass, especially for finished surfaces.

    The system is sturdy and can be perfectly combined thanks to the rods used for fully modular mounting and rails with clamps. The rails with clamps give the system its strength and with a 6 mm seam provide an aesthetic accent between the modules. In addition, the mounting is very easy thanks to the clamps.

    The glass modules are manufactured in one piece with optimal dimensions, so that aluminum profile frames can be made. If necessary, it is also possible to mount a blind in the glass part in one piece. This speeds up the construction process and counteracts the negative effects of dust formation. Different dimensions are also possible, so that sleek and large spaces can be created.

  • Details
  • Types
    • OM-70 / OM-100

      OM70 / 100 Monoblock glass modules are produced clean and ready for installation. By eliminating on-site production such as glass cutting, cleaning and blind installation, this system saves time.

      Modules manufactured at the factory to the given dimensions can be 4mm or 6mm thick. Vertical omega profiles are used for the transitions between the modules.

      Cable ducts integrated in the system allow the placement of a socket, switch and screen.


  • Specifications
    Thickness system 105 mm
    Connection type Connection of 6 mm, horizontal and vertical
    Color profile Anodized or painted


    Floor, ceiling profiles and post made of galvanized steel (DIN EN 10327, DIN

    EN 10143). System weight: approx. 35 kg / m2

    Dimensions module


    Standard height 2500, 2700 or 3000 mm; standard width 300, 450, 600, 900, 1200 mm

    Optional: Modules with special dimensions on a project basis.

    Units with glass Prefabricated one-piece units consisting of aluminum profiles and 6 mm glass (blinds available with double glazing)
    Type of glass


    6 mm single flat glass, 6 + 6 mm double flat glass

    Optional: frosted glass, tempered glass, 3 + 3 mm laminated glass, decorative sandblasted glass, coated glass

    Building units with glass Prefabricated one-piece units; 6 mm glass attached to the concealed aluminum frame (blinds available with double glazing)
    Type of glass



    8 mm single float glass, 6 + 6 mm double float glass, 6 + 8 mm double float glass

    Optional: frosted glass, tempered glass, 3 + 3mm laminated glass, 4 + 4mm laminated glass, foil-coated glass, painted glass

    Door frame One-piece aluminum frame (door leaf and lock installed)
    Wooden door leaf



    40 mm, finished with HPL laminate

    Optional: 70 mm finished with HPL laminate, 8 mm melamine faced MDF covering for 40 mm, natural wood veneer for 40 and 70 mm wooden door leaf, steel door leaf

    Glass door wing


    toughened glass 8 mm or 10 mm

    Optional: laminated glass 4 + 4 mm, laminated glass 5 + 5 mm, frosted glass, decorative frosted glass, glass with foil coating

    Glass door leaf (building system with glass) single glass 8 mm or toughened double glass 6 + 8 mm
    Slot Cylinder lock - stainless steel door handle
    Door handle Special door handle made of stainless steel or aluminum
    Corners 90, 135 special aluminum corner profiles, round aluminum corner post for adjustable corner joints


    18 mm melamine faced chipboard Optional: finishing panel with HPL laminate, natural wood veneer or textile, metal panel, enamel writing board, ceramic panel
    Insulation 50 mm rock wool, 52 kg / m3
  • Project photos
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