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Nitor LED HC6

Nitor LED HC6

  • Description

    Professional recessed round LED downlight with high power. Super fast installation (no tools required) and easy maintenance. Complete with decorative ring in different colors.

  • Details
  • Specifications
    Current input (AC)   230V
    Power frequency 50Hz
    Luminous flux (lm)   2000, 2500, 3000, 3800
    Light efficiency (lm / W) 102
    Color temperature 3000K or 4000K
    Color rendering CRI 85 (CRI 95 on request)
    Power (W) 21W, 27W, 34W, 48W




    Body: Polycarbonate reinforced with glass fiber, resistant up to 850 ° C (filament test). Colour White

    Optics: Aluminum, highly efficient, satin-finished with facets or white finish, no iris formation

    Lens: Microprismatic lens for homogeneous illumination

    Driver options Remotely mounted driver (DC voltage) with fixed brightness (FO) or dimmable (DALI or 1-10V / TD)
    Emergency unit With 1 or 3 autonomous burning hours in separate housing
    UGR value


    UGR - Transverse direction - <0

    UGR - Longitudinal direction - <0

    IP value IP20
    Options Trim with transparent glass for IP44 protection, concrete installation box
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