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    Integra LED lighting systems optimize the unique atmosphere of every space in offices, shopping centers and departure and arrival halls. Light largely determines how people experience their environment, whether they like it, feel comfortable in it and perform better.

    It's more than the final touch. Integra's LED lighting systems offer architects the freedom to tailor them to any space and to integrate them fully with our other products. And they are easy to assemble and disassemble.

    In addition to the climate ceiling systems, the LED lights from Integra add an important aspect to the atmosphere, both emotionally and demonstrably. The LED lighting enhances the feeling of warmth or cooling and accentuates important elements within the room. This creates the ideal atmosphere that is individually and seamlessly designed as you wish for each room and function. Both standard processed in our suspended ceilings and fully custom made.

    The advantages of Integra LED lighting are that it lasts up to ten times longer, requires no start-up time, has lower energy consumption and is dust-free. This ensures the best living environment. Integra's durable LED system is available in different strengths from warm to the strength of daylight. Visible or fully incorporated in ceiling panels. With our LED lighting systems, the architect has complete freedom to achieve an optimal living environment that fits perfectly with any building. Where sustainability, people and the environment are central. Is this your aim? Then Integra is your partner.

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