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System floors



  • Description

    The Targa floor system consists of panels of 60 x 60 cm that can be installed separately on a steel substructure.

    The substructure offers two combinations:

    1. Pedestals

    2. Pedestals & stringers

    The 'stringers' can optionally be added to the floor system for more lateral stability of the plinths. If the final height is more than 25 cm, its use is mandatory.

  • Details
  • Specifications

    Raised floor panels are installed on the anti-corrosive, galvanized steel columns and stringers (optional) that provide the rigidity of the raised floor system. The plinths are glued to the concrete floor with a polyurethane adhesive base. Stringer use is mandatory for finished heights greater than 25cm.


    substructures specifications

     1. Foot Floor   2mm steel plate, 90 x 90mm square
      2. Foot Head 3 mm steel plate, 90 x 90 mm
      3. Head band 3 mm plastic seal
      4. Rod M16
      5. Nut M16
      6. Pipe Steel, 1,5 mm, Ø 25 mm
      7. Guide For conductive use, headband accessories
      8. Seat belt 0,8 mm galvanized steel 25x25x25 mm
      9. Belt strap 31,5 mm plastic seal
    10. Height 5 cm - 100 cm (excl. Panel height)


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