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Sustainable entrepreneurship is one of the pillars within the Integra organisation. We make new investments based on the latest techniques in the field of environment & energy saving, society, ergonomics & safety and sustainability. In addition, a lot of attention is paid within Integra to certification for buildings and materials.

Sustainable Building Certification
Sustainable building certification systems are widely used in our country and in the world. These systems assess and classify structures and buildings in terms of certain key criteria such as land, energy, natural resources, materials / resources and waste.

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), which is requested from manufacturers of building materials in sustainable construction certification systems, contains quantitative information about environmental performance and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases. That is why all sustainable building certification systems in the world recommend the use of products with an EPD declaration and they provide extra points / scores during assessments for EPD declaration.

What is EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)?
It is a statement that quantitatively assesses and certifies the environmental performance of a product or service, identified according to ISO 14025 in terms of certain predefined criteria (output of raw materials, use and efficiency of energy; material and chemical content; released emissions to air, water and soil; waste generation) and based on the parameters established in accordance with the ISO 14040 series.

As a manufacturer of building materials, we work together with IBU (Institut Bauen & Umwelt / German environmental and construction association), an independent association, with the aim of contributing to Integra sustainable building systems. With the EPD statements published by IBU, Integra is proud to be the first company to receive this statement for products with suspended ceilings and partitions. Below access to our products with environmental product declaration.

We are FSC® certified. What does that mean?

Because we use wood as a raw material, we think it is important that the forests are handled responsibly. The forests provide us with clean air, water, shade, food and the wood and paper products that we use in everyday life. But those same forests that we so desperately need are under great pressure. Palm oil and soybean plantations, mining, livestock ...
Did you know that 2 soccer field of forest disappears every 1 seconds? Deforestation is a serious global problem! Fortunately, there is a good way to protect forests and that is sustainable forest management. 


FSC® is a certificate that guarantees sustainable forest management. Sustainable forest management means that the plants and animals in the forest are preserved in a healthy way. In addition, the rights of the people who live and work in and around the forest are respected. The felling of trees in sustainably managed forests is done in such a way that it has no negative impact on the forest. And it is precisely the wood from this forest that ensures that this system can sustain itself. By buying FSC® certified wood, we can all contribute to the conservation of the forests.

For this reason, we as Integra Climate Ceilings BV have decided to work together with FSC®. We are FSC® certified and can therefore also resell FSC® products. And with an FSC® label you have the guarantee that your wood or paper comes from forests that are sustainably managed. In this way you too can contribute to a better world.

Support the forests and choose FSC® certified products!

Integra FSC® license number: FSC C092624       View our certificate

CO2-performance ladder

An aspect that concerns our organisation, but also as part of (economic) society, is the mobility and accessibility of large parts of our country. With the help of new planning techniques and close consultation with our clients, we try to contribute to better mobility, with less CO2emissions.

Integra Metal Ceiling Systems BV and Integra Climate Ceilings BV want to achieve its certification at level 3 of the CO2 performance ladder. More information can be found at† The objective is to reduce energy consumption in five years, so that CO2 emissions in tonnes calculated from the reference year 2021 will be reduced by 4%.

In order to achieve this objective, initiatives of the management, but certainly also of the employees of Integra Metal Ceiling Systems BV and Integra Climate Ceilings BV will be investigated and applied where possible. This applies to day-to-day activities, the implementation of projects, but also to chain initiatives and test projects.
Energy management program
Integra Metal Ceiling Systems BV and Integra Climate Ceilings BV have drawn up an energy management program in the form of a manual, in accordance with European standard EN 50001, in which the structure cycle for continuous improvement of energy efficiency is laid down in procedures. 
These procedures are arranged in the structure of the four perspectives of the CO2 performance ladder.

a – Analyzing, insight into CO2 emissions
b – Saving, CO2 reduction and the ambition we commit to
c – Communication, how do we communicate internally and externally
d – Participation, collaborations in the field of CO2 reduction

Relevant information has been posted on the internal notice board of Integra Metal Ceiling Systems BV and Integra Climate Ceilings BV to increase the energy awareness of the employees and to inform and stimulate them. The communication goal is twofold. We want to keep employees and other stakeholders informed about our energy reduction policy, the current CO2 footprint and the reduction targets. Secondly, we want to encourage our employees and other stakeholders to actively participate in energy reduction. A communication plan has also been drawn up for this purpose. 

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