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Climate ceilings



  • Description

    The NEXT HYBRID® system is a hybrid system patented by Integra that uses INTEGRA meanders with integrated air supply and is able to store energy in phase transition material (PCM) and / or the concrete mass. The system can be used as an island or closed ceiling system.


    • Smaller dimensions of the energy generation installation.
    • Smaller dimensions of the energy transport system
    • Integrated ventilation system reduces bacterial pollution and CO2 concentrations
    • Suitable for constant and variable volume systems.
    • Less energy loss in the plenum
    • Results in lower EPC values.
    • High cooling capacity (70-200 W / m2)
    • High heating capacity (62-150 W / m2)


    Technical specifications on request

  • Specifications
    Heating    45-115 W / m2
    Cooling 65-105 W / m2
    Ventilation 4 - 10 m³ / (h.m2) (NEN-EN-15251)
    Lighting 500 LUX at the workplace (NEN-EN-12464-1)
    Tolerance B. 45% of allowed deflection (NEN EN-13964: 2014 / TAIM)
    Low CO2 ppm
    aW 0,8 (ISO-11654)
    NRC > 0,8 (ASTMC 423)
    Dn, f, w (C; Ctr)> 46 dB (ISO717—1: 2013)
    Sound pressure Lp (A) <32 dB (A)
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