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System ceilings



  • Description

    Quadro S, is an aluminum Open Cell ceiling consisting of U-shaped panels, which are applied at different heights. It consists of panels of 600 x 600 or 1200 x 600 mm, which connect neatly to the square cells. The different cell types and sizes give architects and designers many options. The carrier, which consists of the same profile as the panels, forms an invisible carrier system and thereby forms a monolithic view.

    Quadro S, is usually offered as separate parts, which brings advantages in packaging and transport. If desired, they can also be delivered assembled.

  • Details
  • Acoustics

    The grid ceilings from Integra can be supplied with a polyester fiber mat. In addition to its technical performance, the acoustic insert can also be perceived as part of the architectural design with its visible surface.

    Color options: black / white / gray

  • Installation scheme
    ACCESSORIES (1m2) UNIT PANEL 600 X 600 mm
    30 - 66 cell size 75-300 cell size
    A-1800 Main profile broken 0.94 0.47
    A-1200 Cross connector broken - 1.38
    A-600 Cross connector broken 2.70 1.38
    A-07 Length connector broken 0.94 0.47
    Suspension construction broken 2.00 1.00
    DST-01 Speed ​​hanger broken 2.00 1.00
    TP-02 Steel anchor broken 2.00 1.00
  • Types
    • Quadro S.

      The Integra Open Cell Quadro S system consists of 600 × 600 or 1200 × 600 mm modular panels. The system has a monolithic appearance thanks to the hidden hanging system. The system can be perforated to meet acoustic requirements.

    • Quadro T.

      The Integra Open Cell Quadro T system consists of U-shaped profiles with a width of 15 or 24 mm with different heights. The system is specially designed to fit T-15 or T-24 suspension profiles and offers a monolithic appearance. The system can be perforated to meet acoustic requirements.


    • quadroline

      Integra Open Cell Quadro Line System, with its thin and highly decorative “U” shaped lines, 5 or 10 mm base width, 30/40 mm height, 15 mm spacing, consists of modular panels with dimensions of 600 × 1200 mm. The system can be perforated to meet acoustic requirements.

    • Quadro Inverse

      Integra Open Cell Quadro Inverse, is the reverse version of the Integra Quadro. The system can be completely dismantled in a downward direction. The system can be perforated to meet aesthetic and acoustic requirements.

  • Specifications
    Material 0,4 mm aluminum
    Cell size U profile, basic dimensions 4/5/10/12/20 mm, h: 30/40/50/80 mm
    Cell size 100 x 100 mm
    Panel size 600 x 600 mm standard - (600 x 1200 mm, upon request)
    Finish Pre-Painted minimum 20? thickness or post-painted minimum 60? thickness
    Perforation Ø1,5 mm (% 22 free area) or Ø2,5 mm (% 19 free area)
  • Project photos
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