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para Lite

para Lite

  • Description

    para Lite
    Paralite is a new open cell aluminum ceiling system developed on the basis of a new concept. The product consists of V-shaped profiles and non-reflective, self-reflecting anodised aluminum materials. This makes the product suitable for use in terminals, showrooms and banks. The metal ceiling combines good lighting with an attractive structural solution.

    Paralite consists of V-shaped modular panels of 1200 x 600 mm or 800 x 800 mm. Thanks to the parabolic grid, no light is reflected. Paralite is always delivered assembled.

    Para Lite Mega
    A combination of multiple Paralite open cell ceilings produces a Paralite Mega ceiling. The product consists of V-shaped profiles and non-reflective, self-reflecting anodised aluminum materials. The Paralite Meg ceiling is the only perfect glare-free covering solution, thanks to high quality lighting and attractive architectural effects.

    Paralite Mega consists of V-profiles of 100 mm high and modular panels of 1200 x 1200 mm. It is suitable for a wide range of paint colors, including those of RAL, NCS, PANTONE and SIKKENS, for the aluminum panels.

    The product does not reflect anything. A shiny surface is counteracted by parabolic grids. Paralite Mega saves energy thanks to the double reflection of both artificial and daylight due to the special lighting technology. Paralite Mega is always delivered assembled.

  • Details
  • Acoustics

    The grid ceilings from Integra can be supplied with a polyester fiber mat. In addition to its technical performance, the acoustic insert can also be perceived as part of the architectural design with its visible surface.

    Color options: black / white / gray

  • Installation scheme
    DELTA-01 Suspension construction m 0.80
    DELTA-02 Length connector broken 0.28
    DELTA-03 Cross connector broken 5.56
    ATJ-100 Threaded rod or vernier broken 0.80



    ACCESSORIES (1M2) UNIT PANEL 600X1200 mm
    P-01 Coupler broken 4.60
    A-02 Hanging clips broken 0.95
    A-03 T profile m 1.20
    A-04 T Length connector for T profile broken 0.22
    HDVC / 4 Double spring clip broken 0.95
    DST-01 Speed ​​hanger broken 1.90
  • Specifications
    Material   Aluminium
    Beam    600mm or 800mm (standard)
    Length    1.200mm or 800mm (standard)
    Height 30 mm or 100 mm (standard)
    Color A large number of finishes are available in pre-painted or post-painted aluminum in RAL, NCS, Pantone and SIKKENS colors.
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