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System ceilings

Lay in

Lay in

  • Description

    Integra Lay-in Expanded metal systems; the T-24 and T-15 support systems with their usage characteristics offer architects a variety of design choices. The Lay-in panels are fully integrated with the T-24 and T-15 carrier systems and can be disassembled by pushing upwards without the use of any tools.

  • Details
  • Acoustics

    Flattened panels can be provided with an acoustic fleece that is tailored to the

    sound values ​​and ensures high sound absorption in the room where it is used.

    Applications: offices, shopping centers, airports, metro stations.

  • Types
    • Flat

      Integra Lay-in Flat System, involves the use of T-24 suspensions system to hang the panels. With this system, ceiling grids are visible.

  • Specifications
    Material   Galvanized steel and aluminum
    Size   600 x 600 mm
    Standard colors



    RAL 9006 and RAL 9010
    - If desired, production is possible in all other RAL colors
    - If desired, the panels can be delivered anodised or unpainted.
    Application Offices, schools, airports, shopping centers and metro stations


    The flat expanded metal panel can be supplied with an acoustic fleece.
    Mesh types:
  • Project photos
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