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System ceilings



  • Description

    Integra Hook-on ceiling panels provide a clear, monolithic ceiling by means of concealed S-hook-in systems. The panels are available in various sizes, perforations and colors. The Hook-on panels, like other panels, can be easily disassembled. The Hook-on system is an ideal solution for busy areas such as offices, airports and stations.

    Hook on Corridor
    The Integra Hook-on Corridor panels are specially designed for the hallway. These panels are available in various sizes and options. The corridor panels, which are fully compatible with the Hook-on profiles and accessories, can be very easily disassembled. The panels can be produced according to the specific size of each room. There is a minimal loss of material during assembly.

    Ball-resistant ceilings - for sports halls
    Integra also supplies special versions of the Hook-on ceiling system which are provided with extra fixation clips. This makes the suspended ceiling ball-resistant and very suitable for use in sports halls and sports facilities. The metal ceilings are impact resistant, shock resistant and offer good sound absorption.

  • Details
  • Acoustics

    The metal ceilings of Integra can be supplied with an acoustic fleece and / or sealed stone or glass wool. In addition to its technical performance, the acoustic insert can also be perceived as part of the architectural design with its visible surface.

    Color options: black / white / gray
    Standards and Guidelines

    The measurements were carried out in accordance with the quality manual of the Laboratory for Acoustics and the following standards:

    ISO 354: 2003[1]

    Acoustics and Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room.


    The ISO 354 standard has been accepted in all EU countries as European Standard EN 354: 2003

    From the measurement results, which are displayed in thirds from 100 to 5000 Hz, some single number designationsbeing calculated. The following standards are used for this:

    ISO 11654: 1997

    Acoustics - Silencers for use in buildings - Rating of sound absorption

    ASTM C423

    Standard test method for sound absorption and absorption coefficients by the reverberation room method.

    Integra metal panels meet the required level of absorption (NRC). The acoustic performance reports can be downloaded from our website.

    [1] This standard states that for each measurement the average reverberation time of the empty reverberation room and of the reverberation room with the material to be investigated must be indicated per frequency band in the report.

    In order not to burden the client with a large series of figures that are not relevant to assess the quality of the product, these have been omitted from this report. Naturally, these figures can be provided afterwards at the request of the client.

  • Installation scheme



    1200 mm

    Hook-on profile AS 9 0,67 mt / m2
    Hook on length connector AS 15 0,20 pcs / m2
    Wall connector AS 30 0,70 pcs / m2
    Bolt nut VDS 60 2,50 pcs / m2





    600X1800 mm

    Hook-on Profile AS 9 1,39 mt / m2
    Rostwinkel AS 20 0,83 pcs / m2
    Length connector Rostwinkel AS 25 0,18 pcs / m2
    Hook on length connector AS 15 0,17 pcs / m2
    Bolt nut VDS 60 2,50 pcs / m2
    L-clamp angle line WL3000 0,70 mt / m2
    Clamping spring KT-40 2,00 pcs / m2
    Threaded rod or vernier ATJ-100 1,00 pcs / m2
  • Types
    • Plank

      Integra Plank Hook-On System offers monolithic appearance due to hidden hanging system. With this system, the panels are hooked to the suspension profiles. The system is available in different sizes. The panels can be easily disassembled without tools.

    • Corridor

      Integra Hook-On Corridor Panels are designed to provide the ideal solution for hallways with different sizes and details. Because the panels are produced according to the specific size of each modular area, material waste during installation is minimized. The panels can be easily disassembled without tools.

    • Body exterior:

      Integra Hook-On exterior system is used for the areas where there is wind load and corrosion hazard. Since the panels are attached to the profiles with rings, high resistance and rigidity are ensured, making it the right choice for external areas. Since the panels are covered with high-density paint on both sides, the resistance to corrosion is maximum.

    • DS

      Integra Hook-On DS panels are designed to provide ideal solutions for corridors of various sizes and details. The hallway panels can be slid without loosening, making the area above the ceiling easily accessible.

  • Specifications
    Material Galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum
    Thickness 0,5 to 1,0 mm.
    Edges Beveled (4 mm) or sharp-edged (Standard)
    Beam 200 mm to 1200 mm
    Length  200 mm to 3000 mm




    RAL9006, RAL9010 and RAL9016
    - if desired, production is possible in all other RAL colors and NCS colors.
    - if desired, special anti-bacterial paint is possible for places where hygiene is important.
    - if desired, panels with a wood motif can be produced.
    - For more information see Colors.


    Ø 0.7, Ø1.5, Ø1.8, Ø2,5 (standard), Ø3.0, Ø4.5, Ø6.0, Ø7.0, Ø12.0, Ø16.0, 8 x 8 square.
    For more information see Perforations.
    Acoustics NRC: 0.60 to 0.90
    For more information see Reports.
    Inlay Acoustic fleece (Soundtex), Sealed rock wool or polyester fiber mat
    fire class Fire reaction group A2-s1, d0.
    Technical standards



    - ceiling panels are supported by the clip-in system, which are produced according to European, American and TAIM (Technical Association of Industrial Metal Ceiling Manufacturers) standards, which are produced in our factory according to ISO 9001.2008, TSE certificates.

    - panels are tested according to the EN 13501-1 standard.

    Options Panels can be fitted with folding option (hooks).
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