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System ceilings

clip in

clip in

  • Description

    Integra Clip-in panels provide a clear monolithic ceiling through a concealed suspension system. The panels are produced in different sizes and with different perforations and colors as an option. Clip-in panels meet the needs of architectural designs. The Integra Clip-in panels are available in galvanized steel and aluminum. The Integra Clip-in system can be used in offices, factories and computer rooms, as well as at airports and undergrounds.

  • Types
    • clip in

      Integra Clip-in Panels are the types of ceilings produced by specialized techniques. The panels can be manufactured in different sized with various surface alternatives. These systems offer aesthetics and functional design options for interior designers and architects. Integra Clip-in System involves the use of Clip-in profiles to hang the panels.

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